Creating Planet Intelligence

Leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, satellite imagery, and computing power.

From data to action

Our solution helps electric utilities, forest industry and insurances to improve decision making with timely and accurate insights into natural resources.

Vegetation Management

For electric utilities helps electric utilities to identify and mitigate risks by monitoring vegetation around power lines. The platform provides actionable insights, allowing electric utilities to improve the safety and reliability of their network. The platform is used by utilities to identify risk hotspots on and around the rights-of-way, plan tree trimming cycles and verify vegetation maintenance completion. This reduces the risks of power outages, asset damage, and other economical losses, as well as environmental and safety hazards from storms or wildfires.

Read more about our solution for vegetation management for electric utilities

Forest Intelligence

For near real-time forest inventory for forest investment & management
Forests produce the air we breath and the products we use. They are massive and complex, that’s why we need AI and a view from the sky to understand them. Thanks to very high-resolution satellite imagery and radar data, is able to extract forest insights on a global scale.

This includes insights into forest composition like tree species, tree height and diameter (DBH), tree growth & productivity, and harvesting insights. Providing near real-time intelligence into forest and wood inventory.

Combining satellite imagery and AI also unlocks insights that are not directly visible for the human eye. Insights into forest health & threats, like deforestation, drought, insect plagues, soil health, storm damage, and other forest disturbances. Resulting in more efficient use of resources and limited negative impact.

Risk & Impact identification

To measure and facilitate sustainable practises

Farming and agriculture can have a big impact on forests and nature in general. Agriculture is the biggest driver of deforestation and resources are often used unsustainably.

Our technology is leveraged by local farmers and NGOs to extract up-to-date land cover classification on granular level and deeper insights into yields and productivity.

By looking at large areas of land with high spatial resolution and frequent revisits, is able to monitor coherence to zero-deforestation commitments.

Urban Green Space

For healthier cities
Two-thirds of the global population will live in cities by 2050. Driven by climate change people are forced to move to cities, but cities are also under pressure of climate change. Heatwaves, air pollution, storms, and flooding are a serious threat that effect millions of people on a daily basis.

Trees provide a nature based and cost efficient solution to manage these extremely stressful situations. uses city scans and monitoring services to gain insights into urban green spaces, like tree canopy cover, urban forest diversity, and air quality.


Global scale automated analysis of satellite imagery

Our insights provide answers to important business questions.

Tree features and productivity

Our forest intelligence platform -powered by Mapidea– provides insights on the most granular level:

  • tree species
  • tree height and diameter
  • growth predictions
  • harvesting analysis

“What is the value of a piece of forest?”

Tree health and threats

Maximize sustainable yield and productivity by providing timely and accurate information like:

  • drought
  • insect plagues
  • diseases
  • storm damage
  • other forest disturbances

“How can I limit the negative impact on my forest?”

Predictive earth

Our planet is continuously changing. By analysing TBs of satellite data on a daily basis we can predict the short and long-term impact of investments.

“Which trees to plant, when and where?”

Soil & water intelligence

Trees and forests play an important role in soil and water protection. Trees protects from soil degradation and filter pollutants from water. On the other hand, both soil and water are essential drivers of forest growth and health.

Sustainable cities

The growing world population puts forests and cities under pressure. Trees are a nature based and cost efficient solution to provide shelter for heatwaves, to fight air pollution, and flooding.

Remote assets

Monitoring assets on a large scale can be labour intensive. We provide a sustainable solution to monitor assets. By leveraging radar data we are able to monitor assets through night and day and in cloudy areas.

Meet our team is on a mission to help protect the earth’s forests by providing data-driven & actionable planet intelligence.

Indra den Bakker


Indra has a background in Business Mathematics and Informatics. Before co-founding, Indra worked as a Data Scientist and is the author of ‘Python Deep Learning Cookbook’. On a mission to enable advancements in AI to make our planet a better place.

Anniek Schouten


Anniek has a background in Business Strategy and Psychology and worked as a consultant for leading Dutch multinationals before co-founding Anniek believes technology will contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Roelof Pieters


Roelof has a background in Computer Science and Anthropology and formerly CEO & co-founder of Roelof also runs Sunshine Lab, a sustainable design studio, and AI network Roelof believes that thoughtful technology can help bring about a sustainable future.

David de Meij


David holds a Master degree in Interaction Technology and a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. David is convinced that by applying Machine Learning we can have a large positive impact on solving our most pressing problems such as climate change.

Rochelle Silva​


Rochelle has a Master in Biomedical Engineering. Previous to she worked as a Data Scientist in Portugal. Rochelle applies her processing images and research experience for Using data for good is her biggest motivation.

Daniel Davey


Daniel has a background in sales, business development and technology. Before Daniel worked at both Tesla and Uber leading B2B sales functions and partnerships. Daniel believes in the power of disruptive technology to drive business, environmental and social change.

Customers & Partners

“We were very impressed with’s forest health monitoring dashboard and believe it has strong growth potential, as they already have an established knowledge of the market and have been exploring possibilities with existing customers.”
Agnieszka Lukaszczyk, Senior Director of European Affairs at Planet

“We can now leverage satellite imagery and AI to understand the characteristics of forests, and make sound decisions when harvesting wood. All thanks to the collaboration with”
Stora Enso

Technology is specialised in turning complex data sources into actionable insights. We do this by using our expertise in AI, satellite imagery, and computing power.

Satellite Imagery

VERY HIGH-RESOLUTION SATELLITE IMAGERY Satellites for Earth Observation have been around for decades, but the increasing availability of very high spatial & temporal resolution satellite imagery changes the way we can look at the planet.

It is now possible to identify any object > 30cm, monitor changes on a granular level, and understand complex patterns through night and day and even in cloudy areas.

  • up to 0.3m resolution
  • daily revisits on a global scale
  • high-resolution radar (SAR) data

Artificial Intelligence

DEEP LEARNING AI is one of the most transforming technologies of our generation. The latest deep learning algorithms have proven to outperform humans in both speed and accuracy for a wide range of tasks.

By feeding satellite data to our proprietary deep learning algorithms, creates highly accurate insights and reveal patterns that are not visible for the human eye.

  • specialised AI for Earth Observation
  • high-quality training data & sensor fusion
  • unsupervised learning

Computing Power

GRID OF GPUS The latest advancements in computing have contributed to the acceleration of research in AI. GPUs and TPUs have proven to be a great fit for state-of-the-art deep learning and machine learning algorithms.

The total amount of satellite data that is captured on a daily basis exceeds 10s of TBs. To process the data, access to the latest technologies is crucial.

  • customized deep learning machine
  • cloud solutions
  • parallel and distributed learning

The numbers speak for themselves

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hectares of land analyzed
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number of cities analyzed

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